American Sign Language

For my learning project I decided to pick American Sign Language (ASL). This has been a topic I have been interested in for years. Growing up I bonded more with the intellectual disabled students compared to the others. Those were my friends, and some of them still are. Some are non-verbal, while others struggle to… Continue reading American Sign Language


Digital Activism

I Think that digital activism is more effective now that social media exist which spreads around the world almost instantly. Yes, I think we all have participated in digital activism at least in one way. We all have our opinion on everything its whether we openly share it or not.


Citizenship in the Digital Age

  I read "What Is Digital Citizenship (& How Do You Teach It)?".  Digital citizenship is basically anyone who uses technology. Meaning internet, computers, phones, anything that engages with society. You engage with society almost doing anything online whether it’s paying your bills to online shopping. With digital citizenship also comes risks. The first one… Continue reading Citizenship in the Digital Age